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RubyCats has teamed up with Jupmode for its Here for Good Program


The Here for Good Program was created to support companies in the Toledo community during the 2020 lockdown. Over the past four years, this online T-shirt sale program has generated over $270K for over 1,000 organizations, local businesses, and individuals. 


Special RubyCats T-shirts are on sale for $20 and sweatshirts for $35. Jupmode will be donating $10 from each shirt and $15 from each sweatshirt to RubyCats.


Proceeds from every sale will go to support our cat café coming to downtown Toledo this year! 


This sale is running until Sunday, March 31, at midnight. 


THIS IS A PRESALE. Please note that Jupmode doesn’t hold inventory of these goods in their retail store. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Shirts will be ordered and printed at the completion of the sale on March 31. Please allow 2-3 weeks after that date for shipment.

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